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Zeal: Is Your Heart Afire? If Not, Why Not?

September 22, 2014

Heart on Fire

Zeal: Is your heart afire for Christ?

To practice zeal, either the interest and passion burns within you or it does not. You can’t fake zeal, just like you can’t fake true love. Zeal will come when you open your mind, heart and soul to God and place Him first in your life. Zeal will fire within you when you give your life over to God, completely, for Him to do with as He wills. Zeal will abound when you align your will to that of God’s. Then you will feel compelled to openly profess your faith with the zeal of the saints.

If you’re not quite feeling the passion, but would like to, then open your mind, heart and soul to God. Align your will with His will, and allow Him to work within you. Stop resisting Him! I know that is easier said than done, but always remember that He as your Father, always has your best interests at heart for you. Watch the transformation that begins to take place within you and around you, for you will become a different person filled with Christ.

If you are beginning to feel the flame of passion for God and the faith, but don’t know what to do with it, check out this website: has a wonderful three part educational program that enables participants to discover Christ, follow Christ and share Christ with others. You can bring the program to your church and offer it to your entire congregation.

If you are already on fire for the Lord, then congratulations! May the Spirit always be with you, guiding your every step. May you bring many souls to Christ.

With zeal for God in your tool belt of virtues, you are well on your way to sainthood! For zeal to be long lasting, and not a fleeting passion, the virtue of faithfulness must also be in the virtues tool belt. We’ll begin discussing the virtue of faithfulness in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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