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Power of Novena Prayer


Friday, I begin the Novena to St. Joseph, asking for his intercession to pray for me. St. Joseph is known for being a faithful servant to God, for his protection and caring for the infant Jesus throughout his life. I am trying to be faithful to Jesus’ call for me to be a public speaker for the Catholic faith. Who better to go to for encouragement and prayers said on my behalf, for the virtue of faithfulness, than the saint known for his faithfulness! This Novena culminates on the ninth day, which happens to be the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19th).

Saint Joseph is known to intercede on our behalf when looking for work, which I am doing as well, as a public speaker. I have firsthand testimony on the power of prayer regarding this Novena, when it comes to looking for work. This time last year, my husband and I prayed this Novena, with the intention of asking St. Joseph to pray for my husband, Nick to find work. It just so happens, that on March 19th, my husband had a job interview. He started work at that job, on April 1st and still works for the same company. God is good.

The Power of a Novena

Novenas are focused prayers, said to a saint, requesting their assistance for a specific intention. Many non-Catholics wonder why we pray to saints. Well, let me tell you something. These folks have been declared saints reside in Heaven. That means that they have perfected virtue! I’m down here on earth struggling to make progress in a certain virtue. Why wouldn’t I go to the saint known for said virtue and ask for a few tips, some pointers, to help me on my way? We’re talking human resources here of a saintly realm!

In my case, St. Joseph is the perfect saint to reach out to for advice on how to remain faithful to a calling from Christ because St. Joseph lived it! He’s been there – done that!

If you have a special intention for which you would like St. Joseph’s intercession, you can access the Novena prayers here and join me in prayer beginning this Friday.

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4 Responses to Power of Novena Prayer

  • A beautiful article on the power of Novena prayers. I will join you too this Friday for the novena prayer to St.Joseph. I also need some direction from God on my next career move. Pls do include me in yours as well. Will surely include your intentions in mine.

    • Awesome idea Mary Ann! Consider it done!

    • Hello Virginia,

      I want to thank you so very much! I came across your blog early in March (2016) and it intrigued me as my husband had been looking for FT employment. After reading your blog-that you and your husband said the Novena to St. Joseph together I thought that perhaps God was directing me to do the same with my husband. I was convinced of this as when I read your blog I counted the days until the Feast of St. Joseph and it was exactly 10 days away! That meant that the next day if my husband and I would start the Novena we would end on the Feast of St. Joseph just as you did one year prior! This could not have been a coincidence but divine intervention.

      My husband was on board and so we said the prayer over morning coffee for nine days. Each day he would return to his job search and I to my work. After several months of dead ends and anguish, my husband found a wonderful job at a place that uses his many talents, respects him and challenges him and offers him a ton of potential for growth-all of which he has not had in his previous jobs. My husband and I are 100% convinced that St. Joseph truly intercede to our Dear Lord for employment-What a blessing Novenas are and our Saints are to help us on our path to holiness and through struggles in our lives.

      Thank you for posting about how the Novena to St. Joseph positively impacted your life and the life of your husband! Praise the Lord!

      Blessings to you!


      • Theresa, your comment brings tears of joy to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing the news with us all. Yes, Novena prayers can be very powerful, but your faith is even stronger! Your hope buoys others hope. Congratulations to your husband for finding fulfilling work. May he always remember that he is on Jesus’ team, and that makes him a real winner!

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