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Poverty Alleviated: It is Up to You!

Munificence 4

Poverty Can Be Eliminated

Poverty can be eliminated if we, to whom much has been given, were to share with those less fortunate. Everything that we have comes from the providence of God. Nothing that we think we own, do we actually own, for it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye. Everything belongs to God, and we are merely the stewards of his benefaction. Saint Francis de Sales says:

…our possessions are not our own; God has given them to us that we may cultivate them, and it is His will that we should render them useful and fruitful. 1

Therefore, what we do with our surplus matters in the eyes of God. Do we use it for the benefit of others, or do we consume it for ourselves?

Alleviate Poverty by being Munificent

One way to nurture the virtue of munificence is to give beyond our surplus, from our need. By doing so, we develop a sense of solidarity with the poor and suffering, and at the same time, we assist in the lifting up of others – up out of poverty. We do this by providing financial assistance, as well as, by sharing our talents. For example, I come from a banking background. Goodwill has a training program where they teach those in need how to manage a family budget, how to save money, etc. I participated in leading Goodwill developed training sessions to educate single-family moms on the basics of banking. It was a rewarding experience. So, put your thinking caps on and determine where you can give of your talents, in addition to your treasure, to alleviate the suffering of the poor. Be munificent!

As we conclude with the virtue of Munificence, we’ll next address the virtue of Acceptance; where we will begin taking a look at those virtues aligned with the Cardinal virtue of Justice. Don’t miss it!


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