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Objective? Why Should I Be Objective?

Disinterestedness: Remaining ObjectiveYou mean that I can’t hold onto my ulterior motives? I can’t remain partisan, and retain my prejudices? I can’t be self-righteous and pass judgment upon all those who cross my path? The answer is “no.” You see, when you do these things, you stunt your own growth. In our humanity, we are all quick to judge others by how a person looks, speaks and acts. It is very difficult to stay objective and refrain from passing judgment. Yet that is exactly what we are all called to do.

When our actions are based on ulterior motives only (greed, gluttony, etc.), we miss out on the opportunity to love, share, and serve not only our neighbor, but the Lord too. When we take sides in political arguments based upon what’s best for ourselves and refuse to act upon what is best for the common good, we become short-sighted and selfish. If we limit ourselves to narrow-minded thinking, we not only lose out on the opportunity to love, share, and serve the Lord, we move away from Him because we favor sin. We are no longer objective. We begin to think that we are superior to others. Finally, we lose our true selves.

Disinterestedness: Remaining Objective

So, when we talk about the virtue of disinterestedness and the need to remain objective, I hope that you can see that there is a need for this virtue in our everyday discourse and behavior. “Stop judging, that you may not be judged” (Matt 7:1).

It is one thing to say stop judging, but it is another thing to actually change one’s ways, for bad habits run deep and strong. How might one actually change one’s ways and become more disinterested/objective? Read the next post to find out!

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One Response to Objective? Why Should I Be Objective?

  • Always great to read these humbling reminders. I admit, I am not a fan of tattoos and pink hair and immodest dressing, etc. It is hard not to go to a judgmental place when I see people like that. But I probably should give them more of a chance.
    As far as how they act… isn’t how you behave a clear picture of who you are (the old actions speak louder than words) or am I not getting that part..

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