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New Year Brings Change, Like It or Not

New Year Brings Change, Like It of NotOut with the old, in with the new! As we welcome the promise of the New Year, let us not forget all that God provides. Everything God gives us is a gift, right down to every breath we take.

Many times when we experience struggle and illness, we want to push the pain away as soon as we can, and forget the incident. Out of sight – out of mind! We certainly do not consider struggle and illness as gifts coming from God! However, that is not necessarily true. Even times of difficulty can be a gift from God. It is at these times that He graces us with opportunity to grow closer to Him. No – He does not give you hardships and illnesses. Let’s make that perfectly clear. But, He is with you always through the struggle and the pain. He graces you with Fortitude, Courage, Patience, Perseverance and many more virtues to whether the storms of life. He calls you to Him; to trust in His Providence, and to have faith in His omnipotence; to hope in His promises.

With Every New Year

We hope and pray for a struggle-free, healthy year, only to realize that life is like riding on a roller-coaster. We’ll have ups and we’ll have downs, and even some turn-arounds! Each day brings change. The question is: How will we deal with the change? Will we look for the opportunity to complain and feel sorry for ourselves, or will we look for the opportunity to grow closer to God? Will we relish the times of joy, recognizing them as providential consolations, or will we take them for granted?

Everyone seems to make New Year resolutions. How about this year, we all make the resolution to:

  1. Use each day, and the opportunities offered, to grow closer to God?
  2. Grow in Virtue?
  3. Acknowledge His presence in our lives during the bad times, as well as the good times?

Making such a resolution could result in a change that we just might like! We might just receive a few more virtues like, peace, joy and contentment in the process.

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