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Need Motivation to Exercise Self-Control?

Put God First

Need motivation to exercise self-control? Perhaps you have tried to quit smoking, drinking, or taking drugs. Perhaps you have tried to lose weight, or not work so many long hours, only to be drawn back in to the temptation. You tell yourself that you can have all the motivation you could want and somehow, you still succumb to the temptation. Great starts, lousy finishes! You try again, only to see the cycle repeat itself.

I’ve been on that hamster wheel with my weight! So, I speak from experience. It wasn’t until this last time of weight loss, when I got my priorities straight, that the weight came off. I put God first. We are called by the First Commandment to love God with our whole heart, soul and mind – that means putting God first above all false idols of addiction and sin. Every time I wanted that snack, I would think of Jesus. I would ask for His help to resist the food.

In whatever areas of your life that you need to exhibit more self-control, how about doing it for the love of God: to love God for God’s sake? He has a plan for you and you need to be in the best shape possible to accomplish His plan. What better motivation might you need? Bringing our lives into balance, and doing it for the love of God, demonstrates that we put God first, even before ourselves and our selfish desires. What better way to show our love for Him? Who better to have on our side when the devil comes once again knocking at our doors?

I want to leave you today with a quick little ditty, performed by some school children on the virtue of self-control. I hope you enjoy it. Oh what we can learn when we listen to the mouths of babes:

Silence is a virtue? Yes silence is a virtue, and not a very well known one at that. Yet, we will discuss how it is a virtue in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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