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Meet Faith, Hope and Charity!

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Book Update on Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity – Finding Patience

Progress on my first children’s book titled, Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity – Finding Patience, is coming along nicely. The text of the book has been edited by Lisa J. Michaels, an award winning illustrator and book editor. You can learn more about Lisa and her work by visiting http://ljmichaels.weebly.com. Many thanks go to Lisa for a job well done!

The illustrator, Carole Hahn Panzner has begun the final illustrations. Above is the illustration for page 1. Meet the three main characters, Faith, age 8, Hope, age 5 and Charity, age 3. Charity is a feisty, red-headed, fun-loving, spunky little tomboy. Her big sister, Hope is gentle, caring, loving and supportive. As the oldest, Faith is responsible and attentive, yet lonely and extremely shy. Carole Hahn Panzner does a great job at depicting the girl’s personalities in this illustration. Look at how she’s shown Charity’s fun-loving nature!

In this first of what I hope will become a series of books, these three sisters will learn the value of the virtue of patience from their parents, Peter and Grace Livingstone. This book is for children ages 4-6, who need to learn the value of being patient; teaching them that virtues are graces that come from God, and that God will never say no to a request for a virtue such as patience. For children, it is difficult to wait for anything. It is through prayer that Faith learns how God works within her, in His time, to make her more virtuously patient. As her family moves to a new town, Faith must make new friends. That can’t happen soon enough for Faith!

As we get closer to completing the illustration process, I will provide more updates on the next stage of the book’s publication. In the meantime, please share this exciting information with your family and friends. Also, please tell them that they can download from my website, my free Virtues Guide, which offers definitions, scriptural passages and practical suggestions for applying 46 virtues to one’s life. By providing me with their name and e-mail address, they will get The Virtues Guide, my twice weekly posts and further book updates. Lastly, I ask that you please keep Carole and me in your prayers. We would greatly appreciate them.

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