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Meekness: Where Does It Get You?



Where does it get you? Stomped over? Dismissed? Think again! Have you ever heard the commentary, ‘a good leader listens more than speaks?’ A good leader is docile, putting others at ease by creating surroundings that make it easier for those with diverse thoughts to speak and express opinions that might not otherwise be shared had the leader been domineering and overly assertive. Meekness gets you needed information to make prudent decisions.

Why show meekness in this dog-eat-dog world? Embracing the virtue of meekness sets you apart from the run-of-the-mill person in business today. Using the virtue of meekness, when appropriate to do so, will draw support from others because they will be drawn to you. As humans we are innately drawn to the good. Have you ever seen an overly assertive, aggressive person in power receive moral support from the people in the trenches because of bullying behavior? No. Have you ever seen someone receive moral support from the people in the trenches when that person uses the personal power of kindness, respect, meekness and humility in a collaborative effort? I know the answer is yes – you are thinking of someone specific, right now, who posses these traits.

Jesus is the best example of someone who has used meekness to win the hearts of many. He sets the example for us to follow, when He states, “for I am meek and humble of heart” (Matt 11:29). He called us to show meekness towards others when He stated, “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the land” (Matt 5:5). I interpret this passage as a promise from Jesus, that if we express meekness towards others, we will be rewarded with everlasting life in the Kingdom of God for having been virtuous in our attempt to strive for holiness. For me, that’s reason enough to embrace the virtue of meekness!

How do we go about practicing meekness; being docile and gentle with others on a consistent basis? We’ll discuss the answer to that question in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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