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Love Letters from God, by Glenys Nellist – Book Review

Love Letters from God Love Letters from God, Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart, by Glenys Nellist is endearing, wonderful, chocked filled with virtue, and beautifully illustrated. Nellist shares with us fourteen stories from the Bible, centered on heroic females, highlighting their good traits. She takes us from the Old Testament, through to the New Testament; giving us a different story about each protagonist, salient Bible quotes, and most importantly, personalized letters from God, addressed to your child (with lift the flap notes).

Love Letters from God Make for Sweet Dreams!

Each of the fourteen tales make for excellent bedtime stories to read to your child; sending them into slumber with heroic females to dream about. Nellist starts with Eve and the story about the Garden of Eden. One might think, “How is Eve a heroine, given that she is responsible for Original Sin?” Well, Nellist zeroes in on the fact that although we are all sinners, God is at the ready to grace us with love and forgiveness. In the letter from God, we read,

So, remember this – even if you make some bad choices, like Eve did, talk to me about it. I will cover you with my love and forgiveness, just like I covered Eve. You are good. I love you, Your Creator, God (p. 5).

With each story, Glenys Nellist, and her awesome illustrator, Rachel Clowes, teach children the power of virtue. We read about Rahab’s bravery, Deborah’s strength, Hannah’s hope, the old widow’s generosity and Mary Magdalene’s peace, just to name a few. There are many more.

If you want to teach your little girl about excellent female role models, filled with virtue, then you MUST get a copy of this book. It’s never too early to expose such stories to your children and grandchildren. However, this book is an excellent choice for that child learning to read on her own.

A Story from Love Letters from God, Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart

To whet your appetite for good children’s literature, here’s a video of Glenys Nellist, reading the story of Miriam, the Trusting Girl; just one of the fourteen fantastic stories contained in this book.

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