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Love Endures All Things

Love Endures

Love endures all things” (1 Corinthians 13:7).

I have to admit that this well known passage on Love from 1 Corinthians is one of my favorites. At our wedding ceremony, my husband and I included this passage at our Wedding Mass some 36+ years ago. Little did I know then what this passage would mean over time. When you are young, you think you know everything as you enter the early years of adulthood. Yet, some 36+ years later, this passage continues to teach me what Love is all about.

I am married to a wonderful man. We have endured times of financial stress together, as a result of job losses and life’s overwhelming sharp turns. We have grieved the loss of loved ones together. We have been through some crises, only to come out on the other side, stronger, for “love endures all things.”

A lasting love is a treasured gift from God. Giving Nick to me to love is probably the best gift God has given me, second only to giving me my own life to live. Our lasting love for each other is a reminder to me of God’s lasting love for each of us; for God is Love, and therefore Love is eternal.

When it comes to the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love that Saint Paul writes so eloquently about, Faith will not be needed, once we transition to the next life, because we will see God and no longer need to believe in the unseen. Hope will be unnecessary because our hope in Christ will have been fulfilled. However, the lasting love that God has for us will endure, for Love endures all things!

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