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Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Eternal Life

Eternal Life In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us the parable of the rich fool who wishes to tear down his smaller barns to build bigger ones, to store his massive harvest; a harvest, expected to last for years to come (Luke 12:13-21). Jesus refers to this man as a fool, because the man is clueless to the fact that the man will lose his life that very night. What good is all of those earthly possessions, if one is dead the next day? If the man had focused more on eternal life, the man would have been better prepared to meet his Maker.

Jesus gives us this parable to alert us to the fact that earthly possessions cannot save us from death. Only Jesus’ salvific power and mercy can save us from our impending death; to give us eternal life, with Him, in Heaven. Therefore, our goal in life is not to accumulate as much wealth as possible, but to participate in the salvation of our own souls. How do we do that?

Seek Christ and Eternal Life

First, turn toward Christ and turn away from sin. Ask Christ for His forgiveness and mercy. Second, rather than accumulating possessions, accumulate good works in service to others. Our goal, every day, is to get to heaven. What needs to be done today, in service to others? Maybe it’s caring for our families, or being compassionate to a friend who is suffering an illness. Perhaps we need to show more respect to our supervisor at work; understanding better what it’s like to walk in the boss’ shoes. If we make a point to always look for goodness and embrace virtue, then, when we meet Jesus, He will not call us rich fools. Instead, He will say, “Welcome, my good and faithful servant.”

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