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Jesus, What Were You Thinking?


It was just another day of the week, or was it? Jesus knew, as God, that before the week would end, He will have given His life, for many, to conquer death.

What must Jesus have been thinking?

He arrived in Jerusalem the day before; greeted with fanfare; literally, with palms waving in the springtime breeze. Jesus knew, only too well, how fickle man can be; how in the blink of an eye, they would turn on Him. He would be turned over to the authorities and would be put to death. Jesus only had a few more days to impart His wisdom upon His chosen Apostles, before everything would change. In the calm before the storm, what was going through Jesus’ mind?

I have often contemplated this scene. I have tried to imagine what He must have been feeling and thinking. I do know this: After tossing the money changers tables on the day of His arrival in Jerusalem, He continued to teach in parables. Every thought of Jesus, every action, had purpose in conjunction with the Father’s plan for salvation. He imparted the parable of the tenant farmer (foretelling His own demise). He spoke about paying taxes to the emperor, and He answered questions about the Resurrection for the Sadducees (who deny the concept of resurrection). He seemed to be “poking the bear.” Everything Jesus said and did was born out of love for His Father and for us, as well as obedience to the Father.

Today is Holy Monday, the calm before we enter into the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Take these days of calm before the storm and contemplate what might have been going through Jesus’ mind as He prepared for the greatest moment in the history of mankind.

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  • A lot of Christians go the way Jesus has been going. He gave us instructions on how we have to go the way and be Apostles for him, for our Father and his Church, all over the world. Today Johannes 12:1-11 says exactly the Holy Monday starts. HE takes us by our hands and protects us – so follow him. At our end we will get our salary. God bless us all. I wish you a good healthy Holy Week and enjoy your life on Easter morning.

    B. Martha Leuthard from Switzerland

  • Wonderful article. Thank you

  • “I have often contemplated this scene.” You have invited me to contemplate it today too, so thank you! It makes me wonder if Jesus was contemplating the dire need for God’s unfailing mercy. It is no different than today, mercy is needed everywhere, by everyone. The circumstances may be different, but every sin is a choice other than what God wants for us. Perhaps He was able to look into the eyes of those enthusiastic followers and forgive them for what they were about to do.

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