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What Does Jesus Want for His Birthday?

As we near Christmas Day, I want to take some time to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! May the celebration of the Incarnation of Christ fill your hearts with His Love, Peace, Joy and Hope. At Christmas, Jesus showers us with many virtues, as His gifts to us. What do you think Jesus would like from you, in return, as His birthday present from you?

Maybe He would like for you to reach out to a relative, or neighbor, who is suffering. You could grace that person with caring compassion. Perhaps He would like for you to forgive a co-worker, or friend, who has wronged you. You could extend that person a little mercy. Might it be a donation to the local food bank/homeless shelter?  Consider giving kindness and comfort to those in need. Or perhaps Jesus wants you to open your own heart, in faith and trust, so that He can heal you of a longstanding inner pain.

What does Jesus want for His birthday?

Have you ever given that any thought? We get so “wrapped up” in gift-giving and receiving materialistic things, that we tend to forget that we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday. So, we have a few days left before the big day. Take some time, and chat with Jesus. Ask Him what He would like for His birthday. Then, deliver on that request, just like you would grant the wishes of everyone on your Christmas shopping list. It will be the best present you give to anyone! From it, Jesus will shower you with many more presents. Merry Christmas everyone!

Note: Due to the Christmas holiday, there will be no post on the 25th.

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