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Humble or Prideful? Why We Must Choose

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Humble: We should we all be humble?

We are human, and as humans we sin, make mistakes, and at times do not always make the wisest of decisions. We need to keep that in mind when pride wants to rear its ugly head. We need to remember that we are no better than anyone else. We need to remember that we are all created in God’s image and likeness.

Humility gives us strength – yes strength – to resist temptations to sin, because when clothed with the virtue of Humility, we are opened

“… to the grace of God…Humility is the basis for all good action, for it acknowledges our obligations to serve and to be lovingly obedient to God. Humility recognizes the worth and value of the neighbor and does not demean his or her accomplishments or virtues. Humility promotes the well-being of conscience, leading to prudence, astuteness and thoughtfulness.”1

Humility enables us to see the face of Christ in others, which instills within us the need to recognize the individual dignity of others; to willingly serve others because we want to serve Christ. A true humble nature has no envy; no pride.

Here’s the kicker: When we perfect the virtue of Humility, through humble obedience to God, we conform ourselves to Christ, and thus become more Christ-like. We shine the light of the Divine on the world. For it is through Christ that we are graced with Humility for all to see. A truly humble person would not take credit for good actions, but give praise to God for merely being used as a vessel.

Here’s a video, by Fr. Jonathan Morris from www.christophers.org that sums up humility and why we should be humble:

So how do we perfect the virtue of Humility within us? We’ll address the answer to that question in our next reflection on the virtue of humility.


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