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How One Act of Courtesy Changed My Life

Our Wedding DayOne act of courtesy changed my life forever on January 21, 1977 – 38 years ago today! I was working as a teller at a bank on that Friday, and my co-worker and good friend, Maureen, said that we were going out together that night to have some fun at a local nightclub. We were both single, unattached college girls, and I knew she was trying to get me back into the dating scene. I said, “You can’t meet a nice guy in a bar.” Reluctantly, I went along. When we got to the nightclub, we found our two friends, Billy and Denise, sitting in a booth and we joined them. They had just gotten engaged, so it turned into a little celebration. As we were sitting there talking, two guys, who knew Billy, walked up to the table. One guy was named Biff and the other guy was named Nick. I talked with Biff most of the night, and Maureen talked with Nick.

At the end of the evening, when it was time to go, everyone quickly got up to leave, except Nick. I saw everyone moving to the coat check room, yet Nick lingered behind. Not to be rude, I stopped to wait for Nick to catch up and we met the others at the coat check. That simple gesture of waiting for Nick did not go unnoticed by him. It illuminated an aspect of my character that intrigued him. He wanted to know more. He wanted to know me better.

We all agreed to get together the next week at the same place and this time I spent the whole evening talking with Nick. From that point on, Nick and I were inseparable. We dated for 2 ½ years, and on July 21, 1979 we were married. Thirty-eight years later, we still celebrate the day we met. Nick is a true romantic! He’s taking me out for dinner tonight! Courtesy pays dividends!

God was definitely present in the nightclub on January 21, 1977, when He presented Nick to me and me to Nick. He has been present in our lives every day since. My parish priest recently gave a homily highlighting the fact that Divine moments in our life, those gifts from God, get etched in our memories, down to the littlest detail, forever cherished and remembered. The evening of January 21, 1977 is one of those Divine moments in my life.

Side Note: Not only have Nick and I been married for 35 ½ years, but Billy and Denise will be married 37 years in June, AND Maureen married Biff, and they will also be married 37 years this May. God certainly was busy on January 21, 1977 bestowing Divine moments in a nightclub!

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  • Divine moments in a nightclub is right! I love this, Ginny!!! Lovely article.

    I just think your style is wonderful…thanks for sharing such a great post! Beautiful pic too!

  • Wow, what a great story! Have the three of you couples ever gone back there for an anniversary celebration? Praise God from whom all blessings flow…even in a place where alcohol and loud music flows, too! 😉

    • Ha-ha! How true! That’s why I never thought I could meet a nice guy in a place like that! Sadly, the place where we met was torn down, I think over a decade ago. But the six of us got together about a year and a half ago when Nick and I were up in NJ for a funeral. Nick and Biff are on the phone with each other more than once a week. They are like brothers.

  • That is awesome!
    I met my husband at Best Buy! HAHA
    You just never know.
    Love it!
    Thanks for blessing us with your story!

    • I haven’t written such a personal post before, but the response has been phenomenal! I’ll most likely be populating Convert Journal’s monthly link-up with this post for the month of January. What do you think?

  • I will forever be grateful to God for bringing us together on the night that we met.
    I will always love you Ginny. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful post.

  • You never know how you’ll meet The One, so ya gotta keep ya eyes open!

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