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Greed Will Debilitate You; Fear is Behind All Greed

greed We continue with the fifth installment of our seven-part series on the seven deadly sins. Today we discuss Greed.

Greed, also known as avarice, will debilitate you because you’re dealing with a bottomless pit; an abyss. The unending desire for more money, power or fame, leaves a person feeling empty, insecure and unfulfilled no matter how much one tries to garner. There is no amount of money that guarantees security, for the fear of losing it all is ever-present. No amount of power garners confidence and self-assuredness, for the fear of losing control is ever-present. No amount of fame makes one feel like he/she “has arrived,” for the fear of being discounted and dismissed never goes away. Anyone who seeks more money, power or fame, for the purpose of filling a void, fights a losing battle.

Fear is behind all greed, and fear comes from the devil. He feeds on your emotional insecurities, generating fear in your heart. When you succumb to the fear, and allow it to take safe harbor in your heart, greed makes you a slave to sin. In essence, you reach a point where you are willing to compromise your moral values to obtain more money, power or fame.

Why is Greed a Sin?

You sin because you place false idols such as money, power and fame first; above your whole hearted love for God. Therefore, you no longer place God first, loving Him with your whole heart, soul and mind. You break the First Commandments to “not have other gods before me” (Deut. 5:7). Your gods have become money, power and/or fame.

How Does One Break Free from the Chains of Greed?

First, and most importantly, seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation with a truly contrite heart, acknowledging that greed has a hold on you.

Acknowledge that your self-worth does not come from money, power or fame. Your self-worth comes from God. He made you, He loves you, and finds great value in you!

Acknowledge that you are not alone; that God walks with you. He understands your struggles and is right there with you to help you through them. All you need to do is accept His mercy, forgiveness, love and assistance.

Acknowledge God’s omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. He knows what you NEED, and through His Divine Providence will provide for you. So, you don’t “need” as much money, power, and/or fame, as you think. But you do NEED God! Acknowledge your need for Him.

Pray for increased trust and faith in God to provide for you and for those whom you love. Then let go, and let God do His thing! Break free from the chains of Greed!

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