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Grateful Hearts: Count Your Blessings!

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Grateful hearts humbly acknowledge that there is a need to be filled, via the talents of others. We consider it a blessing from God when someone steps up to address the need that we couldn’t otherwise fulfill ourselves. We are grateful to God and to our fellow man for rushing to our aid!

What are you grateful for these days? When was the last time you counted your blessings? I can attest from experience that when I count my blessings and express my gratitude to God, my mood improves. I have had many opportunities to do so, while going through the book writing and publishing processes. I experienced times of “blood, sweat and tears.” I thought my book would never hit the shelves. There were the times when the negative “What If” monster crept into my mind. “What if no one likes the book? What if no one buys it?” It was during these times that I would sit down and say, “What went well this week/month?” I started counting my blessings, and when I did so, I started to see God working in my life. For example:

  • When I started this book process two years ago, I knew nothing about the publishing business. God connected me with some very smart people at Wheatmark, Inc. Grael Norton taught me about branding, marketing and the need for building a “platform.” My first question was “What is a platform?” It’s the development of a following on social media and my website. Website? I needed a website? What was I going to do with a website? Hence, my blogging about the virtues. Atilla Vekony and his team built my website, and Mindy Burnett makes sure it runs smoothly. God is good! I am grateful!
  • Thank you to all who follow me and read my blog posts. I do it for you, so that you can find ways to grow closer to God, who is good! I am grateful!
  • The Holy Spirit gave me the idea for what has become Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity – Finding Patience. However, I can’t draw to save my life. How was I going to produce a children’s book? Where was I going to find an illustrator? God connected me with Carole Hahn Panzner, my illustrator, at of all places, the Diocese of Charlotte’s Eucharistic Congress! God is good! I am grateful!
  • Being new to writing children’s books, I quickly learned (through Divine guidance via the folks at Wheatmark) that I needed an editor, proofreader, book assembler and an e-book assembler. God connected me with Lisa Michaels, an award winning illustrator, who edited my book, and in the process taught me how to write for children. Lisa also assembled my book. God worked through Lisa to connect me with a proofreader and e-book assembler. God is good! I am grateful!

I look back on these past two years with a grateful heart. I thank you God, for bringing the right people into my life, at the right time, for “…I have plans to give you hope, to prosper, and not to harm you” (Jer 29:11). Thank you, God, for always being by my side.

I have much to be grateful for; what about you?

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As we complete our discussion on the virtue of gratitude, we move next to discuss the virtue of obedience. Hmm, this virtue should make for some interesting discussion, don’t you think? How obedient to Christ’s teachings are you? We’ll start there in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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