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Grandma and Timmy’s Hope!


Grandma and Timmy’s Story of Hope

Timmy was waiting by the front window for Grandma to arrive. “Will she remember me?” thought the little four-year old. Timmy remembered Grandma’s sweet perfume, and soft cheeks. He loved her laugh. He was bursting at the seams waiting for her arrival. Then, he saw the car pull up in the driveway. Daddy ran around from the driver’s side and opened the passenger door. There was Grandma! The wait was over!

Timmy ran out the front door and dashed into Grandma’s arms. He hugged her tight, never wanting to let her go. “Grandma, it’s so good to see you,” Timmy said excitedly. “I’ve missed you!” It was only after getting his hug, that Timmy noticed something different about his Grandma. She moved very slowly, and walked funny. “What’s wrong?” asked Timmy.

“Well Timmy,” Grandma said, “I’ve been sick, and I’m not getting around very well lately.” With that news, Timmy grew scared. He wanted his Grandma to be feeling good so that they could do fun things together. Without saying a word, Grandma could read his worried face. As a four-year old, he was trying to figure out what that meant for him.

Grandma said, “Now don’t you go worrying about me, Timmy. I’ll be okay. Have hope for a speedy recovery.”

“What’s hope?” asked Timmy.

“Hope is a belief that with God all things are possible,” replied Grandma. “And I believe that He will heal me quickly.”

“Then, I hope so too!” said Timmy, “because I love you Grandma.”

“Well, hugs are good medicine. Give me another hug,” said Grandma. Timmy hugged her, once again, never wanting to let her go, hoping that God would heal her quickly.

How do you instill hope in your children, especially in the face of crisis? It is important to use life experiences to teach them about hope. Look for those opportunities that present themselves to teach your children the virtue of hope.

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