Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Get Wisdom and Change the World!

Get Wisdom

How do you get Wisdom? Through the persistence of prayer, along with the opening of our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit, we may be graced with the gift of Wisdom. In my opinion, Blessed Mother Teresa is the best example of a human being that possessed Wisdom. She saw Christ in everyone. Her heart and mind were always open to doing the Lord’s will. She was filled with compassion and love for everyone around her, because she viewed the world through God’s eyes. She saw the deplorable living conditions of the people of Calcutta, India. She heard the groans of hunger from the poorest of the poor, and she stepped up to do something about it, by dedicating her life to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor in India. She felt the pain of the poor in her heart. Blessed Mother Teresa didn’t need a Theology degree to understand God’s Wisdom. As an average person, like you and me, she knew Him in her heart and followed His direction. May we follow in her footsteps and get Wisdom! May the Holy Spirit grace each and every one of us with His precious gift of Wisdom!


With God’s Wisdom, we can each make a positive difference for all mankind in our own way. What might your way be? Have you ever given that any thought? Blessed Mother Teresa started off in a small way, addressing the immediate needs right in front of her eyes. She saw hungry people and found ways to feed them and love them. What do you see right in front of your own eyes that needs attention? How might God see the situation? What might He be calling you to do?


As we complete our discussion on the virtue of Wisdom, we ask the question, what is zeal? We’ll address the answer to that question as we begin our discussion on the virtue of zeal in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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