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Forgiving, in an Unforgiving World

ForgivingI don’t know about you, but lately, I am finding it difficult in forgiving others for egregious deeds. My head is swimming with all the guilty pleas/convictions from the Mueller investigation within our government. I’m appalled with the news of the priestly sex abuse scandal and cover-up. I’m disappointed with the people in power, both in government and in the Church, who stand by idly and do nothing to bring about justice. With every great sin, the sinful do not want to see the disinfectant of transparency and accountability come knocking on their doors. When it does, it is like a proverbial “bomb” explodes around us, covering us in the sinner’s filth.

That’s how I am feeling lately. The Mueller investigation is racking up one guilty plea after another, with multiple indictments and convictions. Everyone who is guilty is looking for a plea agreement and immunity from prosecution. The “bomb” has exploded, and I feel the filth of corruption, and it makes me sick.

With the alarming news of priestly sex abuse coming out of the dioceses of Pennsylvania, I am repulsed by the reports, horrified for the victims, and ashamed at how the bishops handled the matters. The “bomb” has exploded, and I feel the filth of deception, and it makes me sick.

Sin Separates the Sinner from the Community

When anyone sins, they not only disrupt their own relationship with God, they separate themselves from their community as well. Those who pleaded guilty, were convicted, or obtained immunity, have separated themselves from us. Those who committed sexual abuse, or covered it up, have separated themselves from us. Because we become separated, forgiving others becomes more difficult. Why? Because, we’ve been harmed, misled, and/or taken for fools. That doesn’t sit well with any of us. Yet, Jesus calls us to forgive, and not only forgive, but to love our neighbor unconditionally. What a tall order! I’m not sure these days, if I am up for the task of doing just that.

Forgiving Others

Reparation of relationships requires reconciliation with God, first, then with one’s neighbor. God forgives easily. However, it may take time, effort and much prayer for us to reconcile with our neighbor who has harmed us, misled us, and/or taken us for fools.

If you are like me, right now, and are struggling to forgive those who have wronged our society, then join me in prayer asking God to help us forgive. He will show us the way. We will get past these times of trial. We will, someday, regain trust in our government and Church, with God’s help. When that day comes, we will be able to say that we are a forgiving people, in an unforgiving world.

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