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Flee Your Road to Emmaus; Turn Your Sights on Jesus

Road to Emmaus Today’s Gospel reading from Luke 24:13-35 speaks to us of Jesus’ walk with two men on the Road to Emmaus. We begin with two men departing Jerusalem, saddened in the realization that Jesus was not who they thought him to be. They were disappointed, for they thought He was their savior; yet He died. So much for being a savior! How often can we say that we are like the two men on the Road to Emmaus? Do we give up on Jesus when He does not do what we wish, or what we think is right?  These men wanted Jesus to rise to the level of King, but He died, and with that their belief in Him.

Road to Emmaus: Signs of Faith

As the men were walking, Jesus approached them. However, Jesus disguised Himself, disabling them to “see” Jesus as the Risen Lord. While walking with the men, Jesus asked them what they were discussing. The two men informed Jesus about the events of recent days: Jesus’ arrest, humiliation, crucifixion and death. They had hoped that “he would be the one to redeem Israel” (Luke 24: 21). Even with the declaration from the women who visited the tomb, that the tomb was empty and that the Lord had risen, these two men were walking away from Jerusalem, downcast; their faith shattered. How often do we see signs of faith, but choose to ignore them?

Road to Emmaus: An Invitation

While still disguised, Jesus walked with the men. He spoke of how the passages from scripture, “beginning with Moses” demonstrated how it was Jesus who fulfilled the prophesies. When it was time to stop for the day, to rest and eat, these men realized how much they were enjoying Jesus’ company. Their hearts burned within them while Jesus spoke to them on the Road to Emmaus. The men asked Jesus to stay with them to break bread. Jesus accepted their invitation. How often do we hear the Word of God, and invite Jesus to rest and eat with us?

Road to Emmaus: An Epiphany

While He was with them at table, He took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them” (Luke 21:30). When this happened, their eyes of faith were opened and they recognized Jesus for who He was: Their Lord and Savior! At that moment, Jesus vanished from their sight. With renewed faith, the two men raced back to Jerusalem to meet up with the Lord’s Apostles. When you have little epiphanies of the Lord’s presence in your own life, how do you react? Are you like to two men on the Road to Emmaus? Do you feel like your faith in Jesus is renewed? Do you act with zeal to spread the Good News?

Here’s several lessons to be learned from this one single Gospel passage:

  1. Never give up on Jesus.
  2. Recognize signs of faith.
  3. Invite Jesus to rest and eat with you.
  4. Renew your faith in Jesus.
  5. Flee your Road to Emmaus and head straight for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  6. Act with zeal to spread the Good News.

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