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Faith’s Patience: The Back Story

Faith's Patience 2

Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience (The Back Story)

Faith was anxious about moving to a new town. That meant a new house, new school, and new friends. Faith was shy and found it difficult to make new friends. She dreaded the move and all of the change that would ensue. Faith had very little patience. She wanted to claim her “new normal,” ASAP, for she knew that once things settled down, she would feel more comfortable about this move. Faith did not welcome change!

It was all her Daddy’s fault for getting that new job. If it wasn’t for him, she would be at home in her old house, with her friends from her old school. Being eight years old stunk! If it was up to her, she would have stayed put, where she felt most comfortable. Yet, it wasn’t up to her, so here she was moving in to her new house, in her new town, where she knew no one and felt so alone.

That’s the back story to Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? How resistant to change and impatient might you be, and/or your children?

Opportunities to Practice Patience

God creates opportunities for us to tap into the patience He has so graciously given us. Then He works with us to reinforce patience when we need it. In Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience, as an adult, you will see how God works with Faith to give her patience. On her first day of school, Faith comes home in a crying fit – inconsolable. But Mama teaches Faith how to pray for patience, and then reinforces the concept over several days, reminding Faith that God won’t let her down. We see Faith come home from school on day two, still not having made any friends, but rather than breaking out into a crying fit, we see her quietly sulking in her room. This is progress.  On day three she decides not to sulk, because she knows that God will bring her friends in His time. Further progress! We see God’s hand at work in Faith’s life throughout the book, changing Faith for the better.

Does Faith realize that she has patience? Does Faith make any new friends? Does she find her “new normal”? Well, you’ll just need to read Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience to find out!

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