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Embracing True Contentment

October 29, 2014

True Contentment 3Embracing true contentment involves making a conscious disassociation with the dependence on material goods and placing our dependence on God to provide all that we need to get us through this life and into the next life. As Christians, we are that living example of hope in Christ. If we are too busy putting our faith in the material goods of this earth, rather than putting our faith in God, then how are we coming across to non-believers? If we are not satisfied with what the Lord gives us to meet our needs and we, therefore, seek consolation in material goods, then where is our trust and faith in God as a living example to others? Why should any non-Christian or fallen away Christian want to embrace the Christian faith, if we ourselves are hypocritical and lack the faith? Every Christian should experience true contentment with both the graces and crosses given to us by God.

To embrace true contentment, we need to open our hearts, minds and souls to God. We need to allow Him to grace us with what we need and be grateful for it. We need to find our consolation in the love and mercy of Christ; only then will we be truly content. True contentment brings with it a sense of freedom from the prison of want. True contentment also creates an attitude of well-being, and peace in our inner lives. Isn’t that what we are all really searching for in this world? Would you agree that freedom, well-being and peace are good reasons to embrace the virtue of contentment? I would – so join me in embracing the virtue of contentment!

How do you practice contentment? Well address the answer to that question in our next reflection on the virtue of contentment. Don’t miss it!


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