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Embracing Temperance in the New Year

Embracing temperanceWe’re two weeks into the New Year, and many of us have already failed to live up to our New Year’s resolution to lose weight, and/or to get fit. Why? Because we lack the virtue of Temperance. Embracing Temperance helps us to gain control over our passions, even the passion for food and the lack of passion for exercise!

I love to eat good food, and I detest any exercise. As a result, all the weight that I lost a few years ago returned – every pound of it! I know this is not healthy for me. Yet, when your “Temperance Tank” is running on empty, it is very difficult to make positive change. That’s why we fail to live up to our New Year’s resolutions. So, it’s time to fill up on Temperance.

Embracing Temperance

Temperance is responsible for moderating our attraction to pleasure – and that includes food, drink, sex, excessive shopping, gambling, etc. You get the point. It also provides us with balance in using things, exercising control over our impulses and desires. When we seem to lose that control, then we need to make a conscious effort to get our impulses and desires under control. Here are a few things you might consider doing, to obtain control over your impulses and desires:

  1. Refrain from excessive, destructive behavior, such as overworking, overeating, drug, alcohol, gambling and/or sexual addictions.
  2. Ask God for His assistance in fighting addictions and seek medical help.
  3. Surrender your will to God and allow Him to heal you.
  4. Ask God for the willpower needed to address your needs.
  5. Stay focused on the real end goal of Heaven.

Fill up your “Temperance Tank” and you will see positive change in your life. You will see yourself achieving your New Year’s resolution. And remember, to make effective positive change, sometimes we need to take two steps forward and one step back. But, eventually, we can achieve our goal. Never give up. Keep trying, as it is in the trying that we begin to fill up that “Temperance Tank.”

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