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Embracing Prudence in the New Year

embracing prudenceMany of us make New Year’s resolutions, mainly because we want to see positive change in our lives. Perhaps we haven’t always made the wisest food choices. Or, maybe we haven’t been that good at handling our finances. We want to change for the better. By embracing Prudence, we can accomplish our New Year’s resolutions with success.

True Goods versus Apparent Goods

Prudence is the application of practical reason to the decision-making process, so that one may determine the true good every time, as well as choose the proper means of achieving the true good.

Let’s first differentiate between a true good and an apparent good. A true good has no disguise. Take Christ, as an example; sinless and morally upright in all ways. An apparent good, on the other hand, may seem like a good on the surface, but have some hidden flaws. Take a higher paying job as an example. On the surface, it looks like a good thing. But, look closer to learn that this job asks you to be away from family 50% of the time, with long hours.

With a true good, there is no need to weigh the pros and cons in the decision-making process. Good is good! With apparent goods, we need to apply Prudence.

Embracing Prudence

When we seek the Counsel of the Holy Spirit, and then act upon the Good Counsel of the Holy Spirit, we effectively embrace Prudence. This requires us to listen to our conscience and have good intentions. The Holy Spirit will give error-free advice. That, coupled with our innate knowledge of right versus wrong, will enable each of us to apply Prudence appropriately to our decision-making processes. Should we choose to do so, then we will see ourselves effectively mastering our New Year’s resolutions. Join me in embracing Prudence!

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