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Embrace Respect? Where Do You Stand?


Embrace RespectEmbrace Respect? I’m more inclined to ask you why you wouldn’t embrace respect. As humans, we are created as social beings, meant to live in a community, where the basic foundation of living in a community is to give and get respect. So why do we see so much disrespect? Disrespect is something we often claim to see in others, but fail to see in ourselves.

“Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden plank in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3).

We see so much disrespect in today’s society because bigotry is learned and passed on from generation to generation. Domestic violence is taught as a way to behave and, when you know nothing else, you tend to pass on the behavior. Secularism fuels the acceptance of moral degradation through several means prevalent in today’s society; from a lack of dignity and respect for all life; to the acceptance of contraception as a means to show disrespect for God’s judgment; to liberalities of sexual behavior that disrespect the dignity of oneself along with the sexual partner.

Is a disrespectful society really the type of society in which you want to live? Is being disrespectful to God and your neighbor the way you really want to behave? I would think the answer to these rhetorical questions would be no. So, what can we do about it? Embrace respect! It all starts with you and me. How we carry ourselves, what we say, and what we do, really matters!

We need to build people and society up through the demonstration of respect, not tear them down. If we embrace respect, then bigotry, domestic violence and moral degradation will no longer plague our society to the extent that it does today.

It is one thing to embrace respect, but how do we practice respect in a Christ-like manner? We’ll address the answer to that question in our next reflection on the virtue of Respect. Don’t miss it!

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