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Are You Decent? Is Your Soul Decent?


Are you decent? That is a question we usually ask if we want to know if someone is dressed before entering a room. I’m asking the same question, but with a slightly different slant. Is your soul decent? By that I mean, are you of the caliber of virtue where you exhibit restraint over your actions, dress and language because you value your own self-worth? Do you value what God thinks of you and your behavior more than the prescribed cultural norms? Or do you try to “fit in” by being lewd, scantily dressed and/or use colorful language, because that seems to be what is acceptable in entertainment, fashion magazines and today’s discourse?

Ask ten people to define modesty, and you will most likely get ten degrees of definition for the term, ranging from “what I do is my own business” to “What would people think of me?”; from barely covered up to buttoned-up; from cursing using acronyms to holier than thou attitudes. Modesty comes from the word moderation, to keep things in balance; to be temperate in behavior, dress and speech. So, are you decent? Is your soul decent?

Being modest is a treasured thing for others to witness. It’s classy! It’s admired! To prove my point, here is a great music video performed by a group of high school boys, letting girls know what is truly treasured about them.  If you have children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, cousins and friends, share this video with them, and help them treasure modesty.

Why should we restrain ourselves in our actions, dress and speech? We’ll address the answer to that question in our next three reflections on the virtue of modesty, by beginning with addressing our actions. Don’t miss it!

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