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Cursing Isn’t Cool! Look at What Happened to Scaramucci!

Cursing Isn't Cool! Hmm…Do you let the curse words fly, every now and then? Or perhaps it’s more like every other word that comes out of your mouth? Well, let me be old fashioned and tell you that cursing isn’t cool! In fact, cursing makes you sound crude, rude and undignified. Look at what happened to President Trump’s latest Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci. Newly hired, he conducted a taped interview with the NY Times. When the tape was played, there were so many “bleeps,” because of foul language, that the audio was barely intelligible. Let’s just say that many people were offended after hearing the unfiltered recording, and the man was fired ten days into the job. Cursing isn’t cool!

Cursing Violates the Second Commandment

Did you know that? God gave us the Second Commandment to show us how to live a dignified life. Since we are made in His image and likeness, we are meant to live with dignity and to treat others with dignity. So, the “shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain” Commandment (Ex 20:7), is meant to give God AND us respect, not restrict us. We are expected to revere His Holy Name, and to love our neighbor by showing respect.

Cursing is a nasty habit; a sinful habit, that shows our worst sides. When we curse, we show little respect for ourselves, let alone those around us who unfortunately must suffer by hearing the foul language. There is no upside to cursing.

Show Respect

But, there is an upside to showing respect. When we give respect to others, we are graced with respect in return. When we treat others with dignity, we grow in esteem. We develop positive, fruitful relationships. So, the next time you feel a curse word coming on, check yourself. Find another way to express yourself with respect and dignity. You’ll be glad you did!

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4 Responses to Cursing Isn’t Cool! Look at What Happened to Scaramucci!

  • Cursing, as the article points out, isn’t cool. It shows a lack of “thinking before you speak”. Often when we swear, we are throwing out the first thoughts that come to mind, unfiltered and unfettered by better judgment. I worked in the corrections system so I was exposed to a LOT of cursing but when dealing with inmates who wanted to bend my ear if they started cussing I would stop them and ask “Have I cussed at you?” “No.” “Then don’t cuss at me, please.” That would bring them to a point where they had to actually put thought into their next words, bring them to a level that they weren’t accustomed to, but hopefully would aspire to. Christ himself, in reading the Gospels, never seemed one to just say whatever was on the top of his brain, but rather think about his next words and chose them carefully because, heaven knows, you can’t take back what you blurt out.

    • Michael: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Very astute of you, and the real life example that you shared is something we can all easily adopt. With gratitude, Ginny

  • Agreed, lose the potty mouth.

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