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Common Ground Can Lead to Peace

Common Ground Common ground can lead to Peace throughout our country and throughout the world; yet, most importantly through faith. How so? Well, common ground is the starting place for dialogue; for finding that shared perspective upon which good relationships can be built. Here’s some places where we can start:

  1. Abraham is the father of our faiths. Whether one is Christian, Muslim or Jewish, we all share this common ground, as all three religions stem from this one man who placed his faith in God.
  2. The Christian Bible, Islamic Quran and Jewish Torah all contain the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. With that said, this means that members from all three faiths are aware of the Ten Commandments (Ex 20:1-17, Deut. 5: 6-21). The Ten Commandments serve as the basics of God’s instructions for assessing right from wrong; for assessing virtue versus vice.
  3. God implants His Natural Law into each person, when we are born, regardless of the faith in which we will be raised. This Natural Law provides us with the ability to innately know right from wrong! Our ability to apply reason tells us so. We also know that if we were to violate any one of the Ten Commandments, we would be wrong, as such a decision goes against our nature.
  4. We were each created, by our Creator, to love and serve Him. As humans, our purpose is to do God’s will; which brings me back to the Ten Commandments. By adhering to these Commandments, our Creator provides us with the path to holiness, and ultimately to peace.

Find Common Ground in Your Interactions

When we try to understand each other, from these areas of common ground, we find the first seeds of peace, rising from a shared perspective. If we were to try to relate to each other from that shared perspective, peace will be allowed to flourish. When Peace flourishes, we will all be united under the One, True God.

Look for that common ground in your next discussion with someone, rather than looking for what divides you. Find those areas of agreement and build upon it, rather than attempting to demean the other. Build the bridge to Peace, one interaction at a time, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit – the Dove of Peace!

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