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Christian’s Calling: To Preach the Gospel

Preach the Gospel As Christians, we are all called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can do this in several ways. You don’t need to be a Catholic blogger/author/public speaker like myself. You can preach the Gospel, without ever saying a word; by the mere witness of your charitable actions. Most people will never remember eloquent words spoken to them. But, they will remember a kindness done for them.

Deeds speak volumes!

  • A police officer who runs toward danger, when others run away. The witness of his or her bravery and courage speaks volumes.
  • A man or woman who volunteers at the local soup kitchen to serve the needy. The witness of his or her generosity and love speaks volumes.
  • A child who gives a hug to a friend who is crying. The witness of his or her kindness and caring speaks volumes.
  • The widow who gave her last two coins to the temple treasury, for the love of God (Luke 21:1-4). Her witness to faith in God speaks volumes.
  • The teenagers who cherish their virginity, waiting to give of themselves only in marriage. The witness of their chastity and purity speaks volumes.

In each example, take note that not one word needs to be spoken to answer God’s call to preach the Gospel. We can be witnesses to the Good News simply by acting in a Christ-like manner, filled with virtue.

Preach the Gospel!

Now, here’s your opportunity to preach the Gospel. Simply choose to do a kind deed today for someone else. Do it in Jesus’ name. Then do it again tomorrow. Make a habit of it, and before you know it, you will become one of Christ’s best preachers!

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