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Celebration Time! Book Published!

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Celebration time!

Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity – Finding Patience is a book for children ages 4-8, who need to learn the value of being patient. This book teaches children that virtues are graces that come from God. He will never say no to a request for a virtue such as patience. For children, it is difficult to wait for anything! It is through prayer that Faith, the oldest of three sisters, learns how God works within her, in His time, to help her grow in patience.

What sets this book apart is that God is at the center of this story, with actual children learning patience; not inanimate objects, so often depicted in other children’s books. The human need for patience brings a deeper, more relatable dimension to this book. Parents, educators and children will be enriched by the experience.

The book is carried in paperback on Amazon and Createspace. It is available in e-book format on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook . It is also available on the I-Pad through the Kindle app.

My Thanks!

As we continue in our discussion of the virtue of Gratitude, and as we begin the celebration of the launch of the book, I must thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me throughout the process. Holy Spirit, I would certainly be lost without You. Thanks for paving the way for me.

I also want to thank some key people who were instrumental in the production of this book:

  • Carole Hahn Panzner, my illustrator, who I met through the 2013 Diocese of Charlotte Eucharistic Congress
  • The folks at Wheatmark, Inc. who built my website and taught me how to publish and market my book
  • Lisa J. Michaels, who not only edited the book, but also assembled it for publication
  • Sue Publicover (Copy Editor) and Rosemarie Gillen (e-Book assembler) for adding their talents to this project
  • Patricia Ireland, who began as the professor of my Morality course, and became my mentor for the publication of this book
  • Last, but certainly not least, to my husband, Nick, for all of his encouragement and support

Join in on the Celebration!

  1. Enter the giveaway! See that big box set above front and center on the Home page? In that box you can sign in using either a Facebook login ID or your e-mail address. Enter once for each option, (up to twelve options), to win an autographed copy of Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity Finding Patience. Follow the instructions in each mini box.
  2. Follow along on the blog tour. See what these ten skilled bloggers have to say about the book. They will each give their opinion. You just might come across another blog that’s new to you and you might want to follow that person.
  3. Let us know your thoughts about bringing such a book to the marketplace. Engage with us on all of the social media sites and through our websites. I will be hopping along with you, engaging with followers on every participating site.
  4. Get excited! Share the news! Pin, post, tweet, share, like, etc. Let people know that this is a great back-to-school book, Christmas present, or birthday present, for some child that you love.

Okay! Let the celebration begin! Enter to win a copy of my book! Share the news with your family and friends! Leave some comments for me to read and respond to, and visit with Emily Davis tomorrow from Our Home, Mary’s Mantle. Emily interviewed me. Check in to see what she learned about me and wants to share with you.

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4 Responses to Celebration Time! Book Published!

  • Ginny, I am so excited for you. May God bless your book release.
    Hope to see your followers tomorrow for the interview. Blessings, Em

    • Thanks Em! We all look forward to reading your interview with me. Em and I had a great chat earlier this month, and now she has masterfully pulled all of my mumbo-jumbo together into a beautiful piece. Emily Davis – next stop on the tour!

  • This is a truly an inspired and precious book. I bought three copies. One to keep and two to share for now. Although it is geared to younger children, i plan to use with my 6th grade religious education class as soon as possible. There are so many layers of messages in this book for all ages to embrace. I have realized it will be a great book and discussion for my kids who have transitioned to middle school and a new blend of many faces. I am so thrilled to share with anyone. Well done, Ginny!!!!!

    • Thank you so much Kim! I am so glad that you, as a Catechist, see the value in sharing this book with children during Faith Formation classes. Please touch base with me and let me know what they think. And if you want a “Visit with the Author” just let me know. I’d be glad to stop by and visit with the students.

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