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Temperance and the Commandments – Part II of III

Marital Fidelity

In our last reflection on the virtue of Temperance, we covered Temperance’s association with the Fourth Commandment to Honor one’s Father and Mother. Today we cover how Temperance is associated with the Sixth Commandment “Do not commit adultery.”

When God created the sacrament of marriage between Adam and Eve, He deemed marriage to be monogamous and life-long. “In citing Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:24, Jesus proclaims permanence to be the divine intent from the beginning concerning human marriage.” 1 Jesus reaffirmed the meaning of the sixth Commandment when He said, “Therefore what God has joined together, no human being must Continue reading

Temperance and the Commandments – Part I of III

Temperance 2

How is the virtue of Temperance associated with three of the Ten Commandments? The virtue of Temperance is associated with the fourth, sixth and ninth Commandments. That’s a lot of Commandments, which should send a message to us about how important God thinks Temperance should be within our lives. Today we will cover Temperance’s association with the Fourth Commandment, with the next two reflections addressing the sixth and ninth Commandments.

The Fourth Commandment: Honor Thy Father and Mother – In adhering to this Commandment, the practice of Temperance enables us to show respect for one’s parents and family members, sometimes Continue reading

Change for the Better

Temperance 3

Exercising the “muscles” of Temperance enables a person to master one’s will, or in this situation, what we commonly refer to as having willpower. With the grace of Temperance, we gain control over our impulses and desires resulting in a healthy balance to our lives. Saint Thomas Aquinas stated it best when he said:

Now all the pleasurable objects that are at man’s disposal are directed to some necessity of this life as to their end. Wherefore temperance takes the need of this life, as the rule of the pleasurable objects of which it makes use, and uses them only Continue reading

What is Temperance?

Temperance 1

What is Temperance and how does it fit into our lives? Temperance is a cardinal virtue responsible for moderating our attraction to pleasure. It also provides us with balance in using things. Oh, how I have prayed for Temperance in times of stress, when I resort to comfort food! When we feed the stresses and emptiness in our life with food, sex, work, or an over indulgence of anything to excess, we lack the “muscles” of temperance. However, when we apply the virtue of Temperance to our lives, we direct our appetites toward what is good and maintain a healthy, Continue reading