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New Year Brings Change, Like It or Not

New Year Brings Change, Like It of NotOut with the old, in with the new! As we welcome the promise of the New Year, let us not forget all that God provides. Everything God gives us is a gift, right down to every breath we take.

Many times when we experience struggle and illness, we want to push the pain away as soon as we can, and forget the incident. Out of sight – out of mind! We certainly do not consider struggle and illness as gifts coming from God! However, that is not necessarily true. Even times of difficulty can be a gift from God. It Continue reading

Envy will Disappoint You – Every Time! Be Content!

envy We continue with the second installment of our seven part series on the seven deadly sins. Today we discuss envy.

How many times have you wished that you could buy a fancy new car like the neighbors? Or take a vacation to an exotic place like some friend? Or get a big raise, like your older sibling just got? It is not wrong to want these things too. However, when you begin to resent these people for what they have that you do not, then you become envious. When you allow envy to take hold in your heart, you only Continue reading

Practice Contentment – Can that be done?

November 3, 2014

Practice Contentment

Practice contentment? Can that really be done? Yes! To effectively practice contentment, first take stock of what you find to be most important. Is it your home, your car, your job, etc.; those tangible things of this world? Or is it love of family and friends, good health, a strong faith, and hope in Christ; the intangible things of this life? Do you count your blessings frequently? If not, then start doing so.

Second, consider looking for the excess in your life, and where feasible, give those excess goods away to someone or some organization in need; your burden will Continue reading

Embracing True Contentment

October 29, 2014

True Contentment 3Embracing true contentment involves making a conscious disassociation with the dependence on material goods and placing our dependence on God to provide all that we need to get us through this life and into the next life. As Christians, we are that living example of hope in Christ. If we are too busy putting our faith in the material goods of this earth, rather than putting our faith in God, then how are we coming across to non-believers? If we are not satisfied with what the Lord gives us to meet our needs and we, therefore, seek consolation in material Continue reading

Do you want to experience contentment?

October 27, 2014

ContentmentContentment is independence from material goods; being satisfied and grateful for what we have, not seeking to obtain excessive material goods (like that sporty new car or oversized new house). Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. (often seen on the Dr. Oz show) shown in the video clip below, says this about contentment:

“Contentment is an inner feeling of satisfaction that’s really not dependent on external factors.”

Check out what Dr. Weil has to say regarding contentment:



So what would make you content in your inner life? For me it is the strength of my faith, the hope of my Continue reading