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Saint Vincent de Paul Feast Day, Apostle of Charity

Saint Vincent de Paul Born in 1581, Saint Vincent de Paul, of French descent, earned his Theology degree, in 1612. Ordained a priest in Clichy, France, he dedicated his entire adult life to addressing the needs of the poor. Saint Vincent de Paul took the Corporal Works of Mercy to heart. He gave food and drink to the poor, via the establishment of soup kitchens. He clothed the poor, via donations from those who could spare items. A true missionary to the poor, he sheltered the homeless, visited the sick and imprisoned, and buried the dead.

Saint Vincent de Paul, Apostle of Charity

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Spending April God’s Way; Not Necessarily My Way!

Thomas Aquinas quote - AprilI spent most of this past month of April caring for a friend, who underwent her second hip replacement. Throughout the month, I was repeatedly reminded of God’s presence in the midst of all that went on; from the day of her surgery, until she departed to return to her own home, with her brand, spanking, new hip.

April is a time of renewal; new beginnings!

It started with the day of her surgery (March 30th). While walking down the hall to my friend’s hospital room, I noticed that each room had signs under the room numbers Continue reading

“Mankind is My Business”

Jacob Marley: Mankind is My BusinessOne of my favorite things to do this time of year is to watch the movie, “A Christmas Carol.” One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when the ghost of Jacob Marley visits his old partner Ebenezer Scrooge. Marley tries to warn Scrooge to change his ways before it is too late. It’s too late for Marley, who drags the chains of sin and neglect with him for all eternity; for he had turned his back on mankind. Marley is seven years deceased, and warns Scrooge that Scrooge’s chains of sin and neglect are far greater Continue reading


Faith Hop and Charity

As we close out our reflections on the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, and before we move on to the cardinal virtues of Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice, I thought we might take a little breather and sit back and enjoy one of the greatest Christian hymns ever written, sung by one of my favorite artists, accompanied on guitar by one of the best guitarists of all time. I hope you enjoy it!

This song speaks of faith, hope and love. What a wonderful way to end a discussion on the theological virtues!

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Love Fulfills Our Works

April 25, 2014


God is Love

God is Love

We are all children of the same Father, and as such, that makes us all brothers and sisters of Christ. When we neglect our brothers and sisters, we neglect Christ. On the other hand, when we perform charitable acts with self-giving love for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we give our love to Christ. “Charity enables the Christian to embrace the goodness of God and to love self and neighbor in accord with this goodness and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit.” 1

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Why We Perform Acts of Charity

April 23, 2014



Christ’s self-giving act of charity (love) – His Passion, death and Resurrection, “is the source in us of all our merits before God” 1.  The grace that we receive from Jesus unites us to Him. We aim to live Christ-like lives. Therefore, true acts of charitable love, performed in the name of Jesus, affect the doer’s intentions to love as Jesus loved.  Take for example a person who donates money to a homeless shelter, yet the intention is self-serving: to obtain a tax deduction. If that person was truly united to Christ, with the virtue of Continue reading

Charity in Action

April 21, 2014

Easter Blessings

A Blessed Happy Easter to everyone! I hope the day was a joyous one for all. So, how did you do with your homework assignment? What type of act of love did you perform, in Jesus’ name, these past few days as we embraced the joy of the Resurrection of Our Lord? How did you thank Jesus for His sacrificial act of self-giving love performed on your behalf? Today’s post is all about you sharing your experiences. Today you get a reprieve from me pontificating about the virtues. The comments section below is meant for you to leave comments. I’m Continue reading