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Assault on the Objective Truth

Objective TruthLately, I feel like there has been a major assault on the objective truth. We hear phrases like “alternative facts,” or “truth isn’t truth!” Politicians and the media put so much spin on the truth, that we feel like we are spiraling out of orbit! No longer do we know who, or what, to believe.

Whatever happened to everyone having a clear understanding of objective truth based upon facts?

The Old Testament attests that God is the source of all truth. His Word is truth. His Law is truth…Since God is ‘true,’ the members of his people are called to live in the truth. 1

Subjective Truth vs. Objective Truth

Apparently, we are living in some sort of truth. It’s subjective truth, rather than objective truth. Subjective truth is when we choose to believe what we want to believe because it is convenient for us. We discard some facts, because they don’t fit our preconceived notions. When we embrace subjective truth, we discard God’s objective truth.

Objective Truth Wins Out

Facts are facts. They are undeniable. 2+2=4, and it cannot equal anything else – that is an example of objective truth. What amazes me is that people think they can keep spinning the truth, and no one will be the wiser. Let’s face it folks, sooner or later, the facts come out – the undeniable facts – the objective truth. You can’t spin your way out of videotape that clearly has you stating the “truth” that you have been denying in press reports. You can’t run from paper trails that document the “truth” of your immoral behavior.

Lies have a way of biting you in the butt. It is always better to live by God’s truth. In that way, you never have to remember the lies that you originally conceived to perpetuate the lie. Living by the truth – the objective truth – makes for a much more peaceful life.

I’m getting very tired of the spin – of the subjective truth. I pray often that we all seek God’s objective truth – no matter how painful that truth might be that we need to face. Will you join me in this prayer? Let us ask God for us to not only see His objective truth, but to act with courage to make the necessary changes needed to amend for our sins.


1 Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd Ed. Vatican City: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1997. Print. par. 2465.

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