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All Saints Day: Source of Virtuous Inspiration

All Saints We take this day to remember all those saints who walked our path before us, triumphing in the face of adversity by placing their trust in God. Some of those saints are famous, like Saint Augustine, or Saint Francis of Assisi. And then, there are those saints who remain unknown to us; but, nonetheless, strove to do God’s will while on earth. Whether famous, or unknown, they now reap the reward of everlasting life with God. With perfected souls, they pray for us. They ask God to give us strength to resist evil. Through their intercession, we receive grace to persevere on our own journeys. These souls are a source of virtuous inspiration, making All Saints Day a day of remembrance and celebration.

All Saints Have a Story to Tell

Each saint has their own history, or story to tell. Saint Therese of Lisieux tells us of her “little way” of growing closer to God in The Story of a Soul. Saint Faustina shows us how to not only receive mercy, but how to give mercy in the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska (book review to follow once I’m finished reading it!). Saint Vincent de Paul teaches us how to provide self-giving love to those in need. Although each saint has their own history, or story, there is something very common about them. All Saints embraced virtue, knowing that virtue brought them closer to God.

We are all Saints-in-Training!

When we embrace virtue, we turn our backs on sin and move toward Christ. We become more Christ-like: the goal of every saint! We are saints-in-training! With so many great role models, and prayers said on our behalf, by the saints, we grow to appreciate them for their own self-giving love for each of us. Let’s take some time today and show our appreciation for the Saints in Heaven. On this All Saints Day, let us both remember and celebrate every Saint in God’s presence.

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