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All Life is Worth Living

Life Worth Living

Life is Precious

During the Christmas holiday, I was listening to an old Bishop Fulton Sheen episode that was on television, while working around the house. I heard him make a comment that shot directly to my brain: “All life is worth living.” He made this comment decades ago, as if a foretelling of something that we would need to focus on today. He made this prophetic comment well before abortion became legal, or euthanasia became popular; or before the death penalty became the preferred means for seeking justice. I began reflecting on his comment. I began by asking myself some questions:

  1. Why do we as a society place more importance on some life issues over others?
  2. When we apply human “justice” in the cases of euthanasia, suicide, and death row cases, are we merely embracing relativism (justifying the reason for taking another’s life)? Isn’t it God’s job to apply justice? Isn’t it God’s job to exert vengeance?
  3. If we are to truly follow Christ, shouldn’t we be equally concerned about all life issues?

From conception to grave, all live is precious; all life is worth living, even in times of suffering.

Respect Life

I realize the “Respect Life” movement mainly focuses on the unborn, ever valiantly trying to end abortion. We as a society could learn a lesson or two from this movement and expand its reach to focus more on all life issues. Why? Because, God gave each of us life; we are all created in His image and likeness. The Blessed Trinity resides in each human life. When we take the life of another (or ourselves), we literally tell the Blessed Trinity to go do God’s will through someone else.

Dignity in Life

If you really want justice, then give each person the dignity that they deserve as a child of God, even that person on death row. Fight for the dignity of the unborn to have the right to live. Counsel the suffering who want to end their lives and help them understand that there is merit in suffering for Christ. Get involved and practice the virtues of justice and respect.

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