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Action Divulges Our True Character


Action speaks louder than words! Everyone has heard this phrase, but have you given it much thought in relation to modesty? How you behave around others is an indicator of your true character. Even the things that you do in the privacy of your own home can divulge your true character. What you think is private may not end up that way.  A classic example is “sexting” – sending private pictures containing sexual poses to a supposed “lover” over the phone, only to see them splashed across Twitter and other social media sites.

How we conduct ourselves both privately and publicly, makes a difference, not necessarily for others, but more so for ourselves, in the view of our own self-worth. It’s bad enough that lewdness objectifies people and diminishes self-dignity when engaging in such action. What’s worse is that it desensitizes the offender’s conscience regarding prudent action. The offender falls into the abyss of sin and moves further away from God. The offender loses site of what is appropriate versus inappropriate behavior. The offender lacks the virtues of Temperance and Modesty.

Modesty is revealing!

The action one takes should dictate whether one embraces the virtue of Modesty or not. Whatever action you take, if you wouldn’t want it to be made public, for fear of embarrassment or scandal, then the Holy Spirit is telling you, by means of your conscience, not to do it! Your good character is at stake. Disavow the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and you run the risk of diminishing your own dignity and the consequence is low self-worth and a sinful soul that has moved away from God. On the other hand, if you take action that is prudent, listen to the Holy Spirit’s counsel, behave appropriately, and are satisfied with your actions, then you will be embracing the virtue of Modesty. People will see the goodness in you, and be drawn to that goodness. Modesty, or the lack thereof, reveals your true character!

How does our choice of language relate to the virtue of modesty? We’ll answer that question in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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